This 2nd day of National Organising Week is dedicated to the kitchen pantry.  (Yesterday we worked on email.  Read it here.)

Let’s get straight into it…

Reduce the volume by tossing anything that’s out of date.  You can’t take chances with food.  If in doubt, chuck it out.

Rethink the layout of your pantry.  Are the things you use most often where you can easily get to them?  Are the things kids are not allowed free access to tucked away out of sight?  Are the things that leak – sauces, salt and pepper shakers, etc. – stored on a pull out tray to make clean up easier?

Reorganise.  Take action to make that pantry work for you and your family.

Is it all too hard?  Organising a pantry is one of our favourite things to do at Creating Order from Chaos.  So if you need some quick order restored, give us a call on 0403 164 468.

Pantry Organisation


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