National Organising Week (NOW) 2013 has the theme of Reduce, Rethink, Reorganise.

Each day this week I’ll share a short post to look at those three ways to get organised.  I’ll suggest a simple little task you can do under each category.  If my suggestions take your fancy, give them a try.  And let me know how they work for you.

Reduce your email clutter.  Take a look at your email backlog.  Make time right now (or in your calendar) to eliminate them in chunks as much as possible.  To make the “chunks”, group the emails by Subject or From.  You’ll be able to reduce them more easily when you see them in these groups.

Rethink your email policies.  Which emails will you invite into your inbox?  How often will you check them?  How much time will you allow for dealing with emails?

Reorganise your email.  With your decluttered inbox and your new policies, you’re ready to reorganise your email accounts.  Go for it, and good luck!




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