Happy Day 3 of National Organising Week.  Today we’ll concentrate on your handbag.  And if that’s not your thing, perhaps your wallet or briefcase.  Whatever it is that does the hard work of carrying your important daily supplies, that’s what we’ll work on today.

Reduce the clutter.  Gum wrappers, used tissues, loose receipts from lunch.  Get them out of there.

Rethink what you’ll carry with you.  During winter I always carry a pair of gloves in my bag.  During summer I switch it to sunglasses.  Last time I decluttered my handbag I found 9 pens!  I do need a couple but not 9.  What will you “policy” be around the things you carry?

Reorganise the contents to make it easy to find things in a hurry.  I always know where my keys are because they are in the same pocket in every handbag I use.  Use the various compartments to your advantage.

Organise a handbag



Come back tomorrow when we’ll Reduce, Rethink and Reorganise paperwork.


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