When I met Peter Walsh last week, I made sure to take along my copy of It’s All Too Much for his autograph.  I tell you this so you know up front I’m a fan.  And because National Organising Week is still so fresh in my mind, it’s the September Book of the Month.

So why do I like this book so much?  Well,

  • it looks at why clutter is on the increase
  • it talks about the cost of clutter
  • there are case studies we can all relate to
  • but most of all because Peter “gets it” and helps readers to “get it” too

The line on the cover pretty much says it all – “An easy plan for living a richer life with less stuff”.

So get yourself a copy.  Sorry, you can’t have mine, it’s a signed copy. 🙂

Want more Peter Walsh books?  Read my review of his How to Organize Just About Everything.


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