Back in July my e-newsletter , the Creating Order Chronicle, carried a review of the book, true green @ work – 100 ways you can make the environment your business.  This book is now available at ABC stores, and I think you’ll find it quite eye-opening.

It’s a truly thought-provoking read.  Of course, I’m always looking for the organising angle, and this book shows there are simple ways to make a difference to the planet as well as our own peace of mind and hip pocket.  And that’s really what being organised is all about.

Tips #3 and #6 talk about reducing our use of paper.  I always knew commuting outside peak times was good use of time, but tip #35 spells out clearly the savings to be made in fuel costs and harmful emissions.  And shareholders will love tip #43.

Here are some of my own Green organising tips for saving money, time and energy –

  • * A short 6-minute wash is enough for all but the dirtiest of clothes.  Any more will simply wear out clothes faster and use more energy.
  • * Shop locally.  Save time, fuel and resources by not driving long distances to the large centres.  You’ll build community relationships too.
  • * Plan ahead and shop just once a week, saving time, fuel and $ at the checkout.
  • * Work close to home, or move closer to work.
  • * Arrange to receive bills by email and paid by direct debit.

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