Every home has a junk drawer.  It’s that place, usually in the kitchen, where things of unknown origin or destination live.  With spare keys (no-one seems to know what they open), odd screws, plugs, the occasional battery (is it still charged?) and various other homeless objects.  But what if we renamed that drawer the “waiting for a home drawer”?  Suddenly the space becomes more than a catchall black hole for things we can’t or don’t want to make a decision on.  After all, what’s the point in keeping loose batteries if we don’t know their status, keys if we can’t use them?

And what about those larger spaces in your home?  Do you have a “junk” or “spare” room?  If you do have a “junk room”, I bet there’s junk in it.  And the spare room will have no purpose other than to house a variety of otherwise homeless objects.  With a name like that, you give permission to underestimate the room and the objects in it.

Rename that room.  I suggest you consider what you want from the room.  Perhaps it’s a guest room you long for.  Maybe a gym, a study, an artist’s studio.  Or perhaps it is a store room you need.  And that’s okay.  Give your room a good, strong, clear title and it will live up to that name.  You can then set about creating a really useful space.  More about how to transform your new room another day.

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    domesticallyblissed 16 years ago

    Great post! I have a ‘launchpad bowl” which I keep on our hall table. Its a pretty bowl to keep phones and keys and the odd peg/screwdriver/post-it note that hubby brings home from work. Its small enough that we can’t accumulate too much junk!

    I also have a ‘useful drawer’ (definately not a junk drawer) in our coffee table which keeps all the typical junk drawer stuff. I use desk drawer stationery organisers in it, to TRY to keep the ‘useful stuff’ contained.

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