It’s that time of year.  The time when those fans of the paper-based diary go on the hunt for the perfect one.  The one that has everything and will see them through the whole busy year.  Well I do believe I’ve found it.  Check out the 24 Hour Home & Work Diary from Debden.  It’s been designed by Dr. Dawn Rayner-Brosnan, PhD for busy lifestyles.  It has everything you’d expect from a diary plus more – to do lists for personal, family and business; a place to record childcare details; goal-setting pages; even a cleaning list and tips for reducing anxiety.  It’s not small, so won’t get mislaid.  On the other hand you can’t carry it with you either.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about it.

  1. Dawn Rayner-Brosnan 16 years ago

    Thank you for your kind comments. I hope that its helping people have easier days and achieve their goals. The size was meant to be 2 cm smaller but that would have pushed it over the $20.00 price barrier because of the odd paper size and need for cuts by the manufacturer. The manufacturer Collins Debden is open to suggestions as we are wanting to keep improving it for the users. The 2009 version will have rounded corners so that it will slide easier into a brief case but it can also be used as a table diary/journal to write in at the end of the day as a record. I designed it for people with combined work and family involvement and also volunteers but recognized that many people with child custody issues needed a record to use as evidence sometimes. Cheers.

  2. Avatar photo Author
    creatingorderfromchaos 16 years ago

    Thanks for stopping by, Dawn. It’s great to hear the diary will be back next year, even better than before.

  3. Jessie 15 years ago

    Thanks for writing about the home & work diary. I am an obsessive organizer that usually lives in clutter–and stresses enormously because of that. I am in love with, and I loved his principles, yet in the various tools and countless dollars I have spent trying to find the perfect system, it did not work. I even bought Julie Hood’s Organized Writer, but found that inefficient for the “newstyle” freelance writer such as myself. I tried systems I had built on my own. I tried anything I thought would work.

    When the Franklin Covey catalog came in for winter of 2008, page 8 showed me just what I needed. I ordered it yesterday and I could not be more excited. I will be blogging frequently about my experiences, I am certain.

    I am really excited to try out a new kind of planner: one that may feel comprehensive enough for me. I am going to try and start the new year off peacefully, with all the right tools that I need so that I can stop stressing and be more productive. I think that I may work on developing a freelance writer (2.0 rather than 1.0 magazine focused before web) supplement to the diary. It seems that it would be something most tasks will be recorded in, but I still wonder about notes and tracking. Guess I will know better when it gets here!

    A final note on my need for organization: part of my business plan is actually an operations organization plan. The Home & Work Diary is definitely there.

    Thank you for blogging, and thank you for stopping by and sharing, Dr. Rayner-Brosnan.

  4. Sharon Bailey 15 years ago

    Thank You, Thank You! Finally a diary that I could work with . PROBLEM. This year I could not find one and resorted to the old fashioned one but I have been mentally in a mess. I am not joking, trying to run a house , a business and a family is doing my head in.
    Please where can I buy one?

    Failing that, I will have to copy it onto my computer and go from there, another nightmare.

  5. Avatar photo Author
    creatingorderfromchaos 15 years ago

    Like you, I was disappointed that this year it seemed harder to come by this great diary. What’s with that?

    I did see it in one newsagent out of the many I visited earlier this year. The sad truth is I’ve just checked online, and it seems to have sold out. I just hope the distributors get with the program for 2010.

  6. Dawn Rayner-Brosnan 15 years ago

    I really appreciate the frustration Jessie and Sharon. The problem with availability of the 24 hour home and work diary has been due to retailers thinking its a new concept, and not buying enough and having to reorder. Some will not re order until their other brands of diaries have sold which is understandable in they are small concerns. People have told me they had to drive from one side of town to the other looking for it. To prevent this happening in future, please give a note the store manager or store buyer about your need so they know in future they need to get more. I think the diary will become a standard item in time because sales are growing. But until then let Collins Debden know about your problems – they love feedback, and you can order direct on line either from Collins Debden (just put in the key words on google or your other search engine . Franklin Covey (of the 7 Habits of highly effective people group) who do motivational talks and sell good organizational products also have provide on line sales for Australia and USA and Canada. New Zealanders will be able to get it in shops supplied by Croxley. By the way the new 2010 has a questionnaire in the back for you to send to Collins so you can have input into how the future diaries look and work, if enough people ask for the same change.
    My goal is a diary that a) reduces stress and the jangled feeling by the end of the day because you can plan it well, b) you feel your life is on track with short and long term goals that become do-able and you can praise yourself for small gains c) enough space to be used for evidence for either partners who wonder what you do, or in regard to custody issues with children, or where you are caring for someone and doctor needs notes d) a sense of space around you and your personal needs, your family and community and volunteer needs, and your business needs so you can step back and look at it with a greater sense of freedom rather than being pulled in every direction. There will be a website next year showing multiple ways to use the diary. sorry to give such a long answer, but I hope it helps

  7. […] is, in my humble opinion, the best hardcopy diary for households.  Check out the original post here.  It was designed by Dr. Dawn Rayner-Brosnan.  Recently Dawn wrote, “My goal is a diary […]

  8. JC Calhoun 15 years ago

    Collins Debden says Franklin Covey will carry the planner, and Franklin Covey says equally definitely that it is discontinued.

    Who is right?

    The 2009 planner has been a great help. Notably the ability to sort by tasks by business, community and personal.

    • Avatar photo Author
      creatingorderfromchaos 15 years ago

      Oh dear! The good news is that my local newsagent has it in stock, and I for one believe it’s even better than the last edition. And still reasonably priced. Does anyone have any other reports in the “Spot the Diary” game?

  9. Sharon Bailey 15 years ago

    Still looking! If anyone finds one could they please ask them to hold it for me and let me know the details. I will pay postage etc. I am determined to be organised AGAIN.

    Thank you, Sharon

  10. helen 15 years ago

    Diaries are available from officeworks. you can order online at They are listed under ‘specialist diaries’ at $23.99 each.

  11. Sharon Bailey 14 years ago

    Yes, I am now in posession of two diaries, thank you Helen. One as a gift for my busy Daughter -in-law and one for myself.
    I must say that when I went to order them it took conversations with four people before they knew they could do it. Staff weren’t familiar with ‘special’ orders, so if you’re going to get one, persevere with them.

    Thank you all for you valuable assistance.

  12. Sylvia Jenkins 14 years ago

    Where can I purchase the 2011 edition?

  13. Luciana 7 years ago

    Australia here! In 2017!
    We really value this most useful 24 Hour Home & Work Diary!
    But…is it true that this year it has been discontinued? Out of print?
    We hope not…..

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