What does “being organised” mean to you?  I have a friend who achieves more in one day than many people do in a week.  She is always on the go, with 2 jobs, many volunteer roles, being a great mother to her 2 active boys, and still finding time to spend with her friends and extended family.  I consider her organised.  She must be to get so much done.

Fruit But recently she told me she finally felt organised.  And the thing that changed was her grocery buying.  She now has regular milk, bread and fresh fruit and vegetable deilveries.  What she likes about it is that she no longer has to make rushed trips to buy these staples.  As the fruit and veg arrives in bulk, fresh from the market, she also saves time by cooking in bulk.  And there are other benefits.  The whole family now eats a greater variety of fruit and vegies.  So she’s saving time, money and her family’s health.  That’s gotta be worth it.


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