I have a confession to make.  Today I wasn’t organised.  And because of that I missed out.  Last week, as part of a club membership, my husband won some free tickets to a movie preview.  Great!  I love the movies, and I love free tickets.  Only he couldn’t go, he would be away on business.  No matter, I arranged to go with a friend.  They were complicated arrangements.  I would help her get some things done after work so she and I could both travel back into the city in time for the show.  I printed out the free pass which had been emailed.  Oh no!  I read the find print.  I needed to show my husband’s club membership card, and he was already out of town, with his card.

If only I’d read the fine print earlier I’d be sitting at the movies tonight.  What’s happened to you that could have been prevented with better preparation?


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