I come across situations all the time that could be improved with a little organisation.  And every now and then I see something so perfect I just have to share it…

A while ago I took my husband out to lunch at a very popular cafe.  Our perfect date started with the phone booking.  The terms were set out clearly, the time for each sitting and what we could expect.  Then they asked all the right questions – Which sitting?  Would we need a highchair, access for a wheelchair or pram?  On the day there were plenty of attentive staff who knew their stuff, and the service was fast.  The food was delicious with lots of choice.

This was just a little cafe with a small kitchen in the grounds of a garden nursery. 

So how did they get it so right?  Well, they planned ahead.  They learned from previous busy periods.  They trained their staff.  They invested in the right staff and plenty of them.  They had systems in place to not only “take the reservation, but hold the reservation” (remember Seinfeld?).  They planned a menu which was varied and tasty but quick to prepare.

So a little organisation was the difference between a run-of-the-mill customer experience, and one which has me telling my friends.

  1. Nick Sibbing 17 years ago

    What is the name of this great Cafe Please share

  2. Avatar photo Author
    creatingorderfromchaos 17 years ago

    It’s a wonderful little spot called Beasley’s Nursery & Cafe in Warrandyte. Not only organised but beautiful as well. Last time I was there I saw deer in the field next door.

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