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Karen White

Karen White

The Sorting Angel

Eastern Melbourne


0414 691 258


So many people who have been successful at helping others and raising children, find they have cluttered homes. They have been so busy that they have not spent time on their own needs and their homes and lives feel cluttered and neglected.

As a Professional Organiser, Karen White is patient and supportive of the client’s efforts to sort their homes and create a sense of calm and order. She believes that a calm home helps to create a calm mind. Working together to tackle the untidiness helps reduce the overwhelming feelings to give you back control of your home. Sustainable solutions are provided wherever possible and Karen will take away unwanted items with you approval.

Services Provided

Children, Downsizing, Garage & Shed, Hands-on Decluttering & Organising, Hoarding, Home Office, Kitchen, Wardrobe

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