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Chantal Imbach, Simply in Order Photo Organising

Chantal Imbach

Simply in Order Photo Organising

Eltham, Melbourne


0413 216 589


I grew up in Switzerland – a country renowned for accuracy, discretion and efficiency. I am imbued with these very Swiss qualities and I draw on them every day.
My childhood dream was to grow up to be just like my patient, practical and highly organised mum. My dream came true. I trained to be an executive assistant, completed a Bachelor of Business Administration and worked within the Swiss finance sector.
Almost 15 years ago, our family relocated from Switzerland to a beautiful, but bushfire prone, area of Australia.
Witnessing the devastation of Black Saturday made me realise the importance of protecting family photographs. I was already running a professional organising business, and I was inspired to pursue specialised training in photo organisation. As soon as I began my training, I knew I had found the perfect fit for me.
I recently returned to Switzerland to organise my mum’s extensive photo collection. My mum shared stories about each photograph and, while we have always been close, sharing her photos connected us even more deeply.

How I can help you

I understand how overwhelming it feels to be drowning in photos. You might be daunted by the technology and worried about losing your photos.
Armed with my extreme level of care and attention to detail, I will bring order to your photographs, take the time to understand you, and empower you to maintain your photo collection.
Photographs give us the ability to overcome time and distance, strengthen family ties and even shape identity. I would love to help you experience this for yourself through a well-organised photo collection.
When I feel overwhelmed, I follow the advice I give my clients: start today with a small step. I would be honoured if you choose to take a first step by contacting me. Together, we will return your photographs to your life so that you can share them with your family, now and into the future.

Chantal Imbach, Simply in Order

Services Provided

Photo Organising, Training & Workshops

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