Rocketbook CoreWhen Rocketbook Core appeared on my granddaughter’s schoolbook list I was intrigued. After checking it out online, I was curious to give it a go. To be frank, I thought it sounded a bit too good to be true. It seemed to promise a little too much. The thing that convinced me to give it a go is the pen that’s required for the Rocketbook system to work. The Pilot FriXion pen just happens to be favourite pen to use. There are other pens in my household, but those are for other people. I have a box full always handy, so I never run out. I could write a whole blog post about how good those pens are but here are the two main reasons I love them:

  1. They flow beautifully and writing with them is a pleasure, and
  2. They are erasable. That’s especially useful when I make a mistake in my pixel puzzles.

I like to write by hand. Writing helps me remember. Brainstorming is a breeze while I write by hand. You will always find scrawled notes with brilliant ideas and summaries of conversations in my office. My daily to do list is always handwritten, and there is that satisfying strikethrough when a task is done. However, I use an electronic diary and Dropbox so that I can access all my files across all my devices. Could Rocketbook Core bring these two preferences of mine together? I was keen to find out.

So I gave the Rocketbook Core a try. To be honest, I took my time starting to use it. It arrived quickly in the post in December, but I waited till the end of January to start using it. I admit was a little daunted, and (wrongly) thought it would take time to learn. I am a creature of habit after all. But I needn’t have worried. The app was easy to navigate from the start. It was easy to set up the destinations. You can set up 7 different destinations for your Rocketbook Core scans to go. Mine go to Trello, several Dropbox folders and my email. It’s also easy to change the destinations in the future. Scanning the page is super quick. Then you just select the destination. There is a standard naming convention, or you can customise it. You can even create your own file name by using hashtags.

The app keeps a history of all your scans, and you can search for any word with the handwriting recognition.

I’m a tactile person, so I love that writing in the Rocketbook Core feels just like writing on paper. The pages are erasable and therefore reusable. It’s lightweight too. I’ve chosen the smaller size so it can easily fit into my handbag. As well as the size, you also have a choice of colours and pages with lines or dot grids. There are other Rocketbooks available but I haven’t tried any of those.

The good news is that my granddaughter also gives her Rocketbook Core the thumbs up. I think it’s a pretty big endorsement for the school to make them a compulsory item on the book list.

Please note: I receive no benefit from this endorsement. When I endorse something, it’s because I truly believe in the product.

I’d love to hear from you. What’s your experience of Rocketbook? Do you give it the thumbs up as I do?


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