What a joy it was earlier this month to catch up with my fellow professional organisers of Melbourne for our annual Christmas celebration. It was even more of a treat because catching up in person, something we took for granted for so long, has become a rare luxury.

Restrictions have not stopped us from gathering together. Each month we have kept our meetings going via Zoom whenever we can’t meet in the same room. Each month we welcome new organisers into our group, as well as the regulars who’ve attended, shared their insights, and contributed to the group for many years.

In the main, professional organisers are a very friendly bunch, and willingly share their experience with newcomers. That’s why one of the things I always tell new organisers is to get to know your colleagues. The POM (Professional Organisers of Melbourne) meetings are a fabulous opportunity to do that.

There are so many reasons to embrace networking with peers. Here are three:

  1. We learn from each other. Over the years, discussions at these events have covered marketing, supporting aged clients, organising hacks, book recommendations, vision boards, goal setting, public speaking, hoarding, organising conference reviews, creating service packages and much more.
  2. We refer to each other. Organising is not a one size fits all kind of industry. Every organiser is different, with different skills and preferences. Because we come together and get to know each other’s strengths and niches, we know who to refer to when a client request is not “our cup of tea”. We know who to refer to when we are fully booked, and an enquiry can’t be helped by us.
  3. We support each other. No one really understands organising for a living like other organisers. Our monthly meetings are a wonderful chance to share that bond. We get motivation from the success of others, hear inspirational stories, collaborate, find trusted suppliers, and enjoy the human contact with fellow entrepreneurs.

If you’re an organiser living in Melbourne, and you’d like to attend these meetings, drop me a line. Sue Ryan and I (the organisers of the organisers 😊 ) welcome new members.

Professional Organisers of Melbourne


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