Clutter Free GiftsI asked my fellow organisers to share their favourite clutter free gifts to give. Thanks to everyone who responded. Here are some of their creative ideas.

Kirsty Preyer says, “An experience is a great idea for parents who have everything they want and don’t want to clutter the house with more stuff. It also makes sure they get out and about.”

Also along the experience theme, other suggestions included a family zoo membership, movie vouchers, a trip to the theatre, or a spa treatment.

Sue Ryan from Organised by Sue like to give personalised gift vouchers. She loves, “Giving the gift of my presence and engaging in activities that are unique and personal to the individual like 30 minutes of gardening, coffee and cake dates or movie times.”

Others agreed with Sue about giving the gift of their own time, offering such things as babysitting services and free decluttering.

Joey Camilleri from Creating Positive Spaces says his favourite gift to give is taking someone out for a meal. “I think spending time with a person shows that you really care.”

Tracey Warren from Professional Organising Solutions likes to give home baked food. “The people I make it for love it, and they look forward to receiving it every year.”

Food and wine were on the gift giving list for many others as well. It’s also a great option for last minute gifts.

Rachael from Time to Tidy likes to give vouchers and many agree with her. Rachael said, “This allows the person to treat themselves to something special, like a facial or massage, that they normally would not indulge in. It doesn’t add to the clutter and benefits their well-being. It does depend on who the gift is for. Sometimes flowers or chocolates are the go-to, but equally, taking someone out for a coffee and paying for them is another treat I like to do. It makes that person feel special and their smile says it all.”

If money is tight this Christmas, here are some suggestions for clutter free gifts that cost no money at all.


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