A Day Off or More ClientsLast month in my Quick Question, I asked the simple question, “Right now, would you rather have a day off or more clients?”

Little did I know when I posed that question at the start of July that COVID would once again rear its ugly head. The fact that it has and will affect us for a while yet may have influenced what people need “right now”. It was certainly mentioned in some of the comments.

Well, the results are in. 74% of organisers who responded want more clients, leaving 26% of respondents wanting a day off.


Susie White wants more clients. She enjoys working and the sense of purpose, as well as money for school fees!

Taryn Maybury from Queens of  Clutter also wants more clients to keep her new employees busy and happy.

Julie Whiting has a bit of a gap in her calendar and naturally wants more clients.

Louise from Your Style Organising in Brisbane said, “Things have slowed down after busy May & June. I need clients to grow my business.”

Others mentioned being in the start up phase of their organising business and needing more clients to grow both their business and their confidence. Great point! The more you work, the more you get confidence and experience, which leads to more work.

Several people commented that COVID had taken its toll on income, so they were after more clients to compensate. On the other hand, COVID was mentioned as a reason for needing a day off. I hear you!

26% who wanted a day off. Many said they sought balance in their work and home life. The most common reason given for needing a day off was self-care.

Veronica Kennedy from A Hand to Help said, “A day off is taking care of myself so I can care for our clients.”

In a similar vein, an anonymous organiser remarked that her work with many clients who have high emotional needs is both stimulating and mentally and physically tiring. A day off is what she needs right now.

Thank you to all those who responded. It’s clear that clients are essential to the growth and success of our businesses, but also that self-care and balance is the key to the longevity and, therefore, success of our businesses.

Which brings me to the question, just like the little girl in the taco ad, “Why not have both?”


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