Do you know why people hire a professional organiser?

I’ll give you the tip. It’s not to get organised.

Sure, a potential client might type “get organised” into Google. If you asked them why they called, they might even say, “I just need to get my life/house/business organised”. But there’s always a more fundamental underlying reason that someone chooses to hire a professional organiser. And it pays for organisers to realise that.

People don’t fork out money because their life’s goal is to be organised. They put their hand in their proverbial pocket because of the feeling they want, or a long-held frustration, or the end result that would help them create the life they want.

People hire a professional organiser because

  • they’re sick of telling the kids to put away their toys
  • they have a wardrobe full of clothes and can’t find a damn thing to wear
  • it’s tax time and the receipts are all over the place and they are overwhelmed
  • the mice in the kitchen are driving them nuts and it might have something to do with the level of clutter
  • their partner has threatened to “chuck it all out” if they don’t do something
  • they’ve invested in lots of storage but still can’t find anything
  • they’ve decluttered a bunch of stuff but don’t have the energy or the know-how to get it out of the house
  • they’re about to move house and don’t want to bring it all with them to the next house
  • a baby’s on the way and the junk room needs to become a nursery
  • now they’re working from home and they need to set up an efficient, Zoom-worthy home office
  • the “ex” left behind a garage full of stuff and it needs to go
  • they’ve read all the organising books and tried all the conventional strategies but they still can’t keep track of things
  • they don’t know where to start

These are all reasons someone has contacted me to “get organised”. The first thing I do is ask them to tell me the real story. What has led them to ask for help? In my PO training I explain exactly how that first conversation goes, and the next steps to take.

The reasons that people hire a professional organiser are as numerous and individual as the people are themselves. Behind each phone or email enquiry is someone looking for help. Just remember, when you get that phone call or an email from a potential client, the help they need is not just to “get organised”.


Why people hire a professional organiser


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