Last Sunday I attended a book launch. I’m part of the Band of Batchers led by Holly Cardamone from Blue51 Communications. We meet each month to write content in the most efficient, supportive way – in batches, with small group support and expertise by self-confessed “Word Nerd”, Holly.

One of my clever Band mates, Jaqui O’Donohoe, launched a love letter to her submariner Dad, who passed away in 2012. It’s called Reflections Through the Periscope and I bought two copies – one for me and one for a friend who I know will love it. The book launch was a fitting way to celebrate both Jaqui’s achievement in writing the book and her father’s life.

People came together from all parts of Jaqui’s life. There were friends, family, teammates, submariners who knew her father, business colleagues and us from the Band of Batchers. What a special occasion!

It felt even more special because all through 2020 and even into this year, the “Band” has met online. We got to know each other via little boxes on the screen. We had worked and laughed, shared frustrations and triumphs, encouraged each other and given virtual high fives. But until Sunday I had not met my other Band mates in the flesh. It was so fun to have a face to face conversation with a 3D form. Someone even told me they thought I’d be taller. Haha! We hugged and grabbed the chance to get a group photo. Happy days.

As well as meeting my Band mates in person for the first time, I met lots of other interesting people. We talked about business, football, food and where to get good coffee in Port Melbourne. (Answer: anywhere.)

This is networking.

Networking doesn’t have to be stuffy or formal. It can be easy and fun. Networking is a chance to connect with likeminded people in a meaningful way.

All this week in The Professional Organiser’s Edge Facebook group, we’re talking about networking and its benefits. Here are some of things we’re discussing.

Networking is not just about getting clients, although that is a good reason to get out there. Networking can help you:

  • Find suppliers
  • Find cross-promotion buddies
  • Gain tips and advice
  • Increase motivation, inspiration and creativity
  • Conduct market research
  • Get comfortable talking about and promoting your business

Networking is about building relationships that support you and your business goals. It’s said that people buy from those they know, like and trust. It is the very same for collaborations and referrals. People work with and refer to people they know, like and trust.

If this little introvert can enjoy networking, so can you. Get out there and find your tribe. Make meaningful connections that support you and your business.

The Magic of Networking


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