When helping clients to get organised, the focus is often on decluttering. But there is more to being organised than having less stuff to organise.

We organisers can add great value to a client’s home and life when we set them up to be prepared. The human instinct to be prepared is strong. After all, what’s the one thing that happens every time a lockdown is declared or weather emergency is anticipated? People start to gather up what they fear being without. they prepare for the worst. They stockpile alcohol, petrol, toilet paper and food.

But you can be prepared for lots of contingencies without the panic buying. Here are some ways organisers can help clients to be prepared for safety.

Be Prepared for Safety at Home

Essential in every home is a working smoke alarm. It’s even more important when heavy clutter is present. Help by testing the smoke alarm, keeping it free from dust and operating with a fresh battery annually.

Emergency and ICE (in case of emergency) phone numbers should be easily accessible, and a phone always charged. Help by setting up a “command centre” with important phone numbers and a charging station.

Every kitchen should also have a small fire extinguisher and/or fire blanket. They key is placement – close enough to the kitchen to grab in an emergency but not where they would be inaccessible in case of fire, i.e. right next to the stove.

Another essential home item is a well-stocked first aid kit. Create a safe place where all family members can access basic first aid supplies.

Of course, prevention is better than cure. Prevent falls by eliminating tripping hazards.

Prepare yourself with first aid training. Let’s hope you never have to use the skills you learn.

And if an emergency or accident does occur, they will need to access their insurance and documents to make a claim. Create a safe place for those important documents.





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