Are you ready to discover if a career in organising is for you?

As an organiser, one of the first things I do when I start working with a new client is gather the facts. Without answers to some important questions, I don’t know…

  1. If I’m the right organiser for that client
  2. If they are the right client for me
  3. What they need from me
  4. How I can be most helpful
  5. Where to start
  6. And each step after that

So you can see that I think the right questions are pretty important.

But what’s a question without an answer? Getting the answers you need is even more important than the questions.

One of the things that drew me to a career in organising is that I love to help people. And that has not changed.

When someone comes to me with questions about becoming an organiser, I always make time for them. After all, I love to talk about organising!

Questions range from “Is it possible to make a living?” to “How do I get my first client?” and everything in between. After many years of conversations with budding organisers, I know that people starting to investigate a career in this field have lots of questions.

So I got serious and put together a live online Discovery Workshop that answers the most frequently asked questions to discover if organising is for you. I delivered that first one back in February, and now it’s back by popular demand.

As a proud veteran organiser of the Australian professional organising industry, I’ve helped 100s of clients get organised, and dozens of organisers start and grow their businesses. I love to help emerging new organising talent to flourish and succeed. I want the same for you.

Discover if a Career as a Professional Organiser is Right For YouThe Discovery Workshop is for you if…

  • you’re naturally organised yourself and want to share your talent
  • you’ve got a burning desire to help people get organised
  • you’re curious about what a career as a professional organiser looks like
  • you know you can’t wait to start living the organiser life but don’t know how

Discover once and for all…

  • if you’ve got the skills
  • if a career in this field can fit into your lifestyle
  • if there’s money to be made from it
  • where to start
  • and more

It’s absolutely free of charge, it’s online and there’s a live Q&A session at the end.

You even have a choice of times to attend this live Discovery Workshop and get your burning questions answered.

Click here to book for the July 20 session at 10am

Click here to book for the July 21 session at 7pm


  1. Teresa Boughton 3 years ago

    Hi Angela, I seem to be a little late to join this workshop. Will you be running another one soon? Thank you

  2. Nicole 3 years ago

    Hello Angela, I feel I am suitable to be an organiser and would love to find out if this is a business I could really consider. Are you going to be running a discovery workshop soon? Thank you

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