Last week I did what I love to do most – shared my love of organising with others who want to become professional organisers themselves.  Over 3 full days we covered everything from what to expect in an organising career, to how to assess what your client needs, from the tools and systems we use to finding your niche and more.  But the one part of our professional organiser training that always stands for all the students is our hands on session with a real client.  And this time was no exception.

Our client wanted to convert her dusty jumbled loft space into something clean, organised and practical.  We were able to make a quick assessment and create a plan.  And it felt great!  In just a short time, we were able to make a difference, putting lessons into immediate practice.

I conduct this face to face 3-day training program just a few times each year.  The next one is scheduled for May.  You can read about it here.


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