In my last post, I wrote about making big changes one small step at a time.  Read it here.

Today I thought I’d share how I’m practicing this for myself.  One of my 2017 goals is to run.  I have enjoyed walking, hiking and swimming, but I have never in my entire long life been a runner.  Until this year.  I have decided that this year I will run.  I’ve set a goal for the running distance and a deadline for this achievement.  But how do I go from never having run before to being a successful runner?  One step at a time!

You may have heard of the Couch to 5k app.  That’s what I’m using.  With each guided workout, I get closer to my dream of being a runner.  It’s working!

As well as those small steps, I look for easy ways to get closer to my goal.  I make appointments with myself for my training sessions.  I have mapped out the distance for my goal run.  I make the sessions enjoyable by listening to an audiobook.  The time flies by, and I now actually enjoy getting hot and sweaty.

What big changes are you working toward?  And which small steps will you take to get there?



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