These wonderful tropical products of Mother Nature really caught my eye today, and I sure am grateful for them.  But without tropical dumpings of rain like the one that delayed my walk today, they would not be possible.  So I’m grateful for both the beautiful flowers and the rain that feeds them.


It’s easy to be grateful for the beautiful.  Harder to find gratitude for the things that are an inconvenience.  But just as important.  Today marks the start of the second month of this gratitude project of mine.  What does gratitude have to do with organising and decluttering?  I have noticed that many of my who clients struggle with too much acquisition or difficulty discarding have the feeling of something missing from their lives.  Over the years I’ve seen an attitude of gratitude and “having enough” really help release that difficulty with acquisition and discarding.

Please share your gratitude, here on the blog, on the Facebook page, with your friends and family, or privately in your own gratitude journal.  What are you grateful for?

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