Boo!  I’m grateful for Halloween.  Yes, I know lots of people say it’s “American” and we live in Australia so it has nothing to do with us.  Well, actually All Hallows Eve is a religious observance, nothing much to do with trick or treating.  But the real reason I like Halloween is it’s fun!  For kids and grownups alike it’s a chance to dress up and share a laugh.  I like carving pumpkins and handing out treats to excited children.  Here’s a pumpkin I carved a few years ago.  Please note: it is not perfect 😉


How about you?  What makes you feel good?  I encourage you to share your gratitude as well, whether that’s here on the blog, on the Facebook page, with your friends and family, or privately in your own gratitude journal.

On Pinterest? You can find links to all the other Joy in Us posts on my Gratitude and Joy Pinterest board.


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