Forgive me for being shy. I find it hard to blow my own trumpet. But something happened to me, and I was thrilled, honoured and surprised. And because it was such a big honour, and because so many wonderful people have shown their faith in me and sent their congratulations, I owe it to them, and to you, to share my story and my gratitude.

I was inducted into the AAPO Hall of Fame.  Yes, at the recent Australasian Association of Professional Organisers conference, I was surprised and privileged to be the inaugural inductee into the AAPO Hall of Fame.

Between you and me, I had nominated someone for the award and had my fingers crossed that she would receive the distinction.  But it was my name that was called out and my AAPO colleagues were behind me all the way as I walked up to receive my award. What an honour!

Here’s how the announcement by AAPO President, Narelle Todd, went:

“Our first recipient has been nominated for this award by her peers because of her significant and consistent contribution to AAPO and the Organising Industry over the last 10 years. Our winner has held many roles in AAPO from President, Forum Leader, Conference Coordinator, and Forum Leader. She is a leading light in the organising industry and is involved in mentoring and education of new organisers. And the inaugural winner of the AAPO Hall of Fame award is: Angela Esnouf”

As I walked up to accept the award, I looked back over my organising career and the part that AAPO and my colleagues had played in my achievements.  Everything I have done that has led me to this point, I have done because I love our industry.  I love the way we help our clients make positive changes in their homes and their lives.  I love getting to know people from all walks of life who all have a story to tell, and a journey to share.  I love helping my colleagues, trainees and mentees succeed and do great things.

L to R: AAPO VP Kristina Duke, Hall of Fame Inductee Angela Esnouf, AAPO Pres Narelle Todd

L to R: AAPO VP Kristina Duke, Hall of Fame Inductee Angela Esnouf, AAPO Pres Narelle Todd


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