An enquiry came in about storing craft papers.  I know this is something a lot of people wonder about, so here’s my answer…

Q: Any idea where I can buy those fabulous stackable clear plastic trays for my craft paper that I saw in a mag with your name quoted?

A: I always prefer a simple solution.  It is usually the most cost-effective and flexible answer to any problem, so I suggest checking out a stationery supply store like Officeworks or even a discount department store like Big W.

Things to keep in mind are
• Size – will it fit your papers, and will it fit into the space you have available?
• Visibility – can you easily see what you have stored in there? If not, labels will make it work better.
• Ease of use – do the drawers or containers open and close easily? If they are the slightest bit difficult to use, chances are you won’t.

To see the inspiration for the question, check out this photo on Pinterest.



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