What do you give someone who has everything?  Some kind heartfelt words.

Years ago when my children were still at school, and while I was searching for the perfect Christmas gift to give their teachers, I asked a teacher friend for advice.  She said the thing she appreciated most were the words written in the cards.  She said that hearing about how she’s influenced someone, and helped them to grow and learn, was far more meaningful to her than any wrapped gift could ever be.

Each year I celebrate another year of success with a group of friends and business colleagues.  For a few years now we have agreed not to give each other gifts, but instead to pass on heartfelt words of appreciation.  Those words mean so much and have become quite a collection over the years.  I keep them on my desk all year round, in what I call a Fabulous File (thanks to Angela Raspass for that name).

What words could you give from the heart?




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