Does everyone in your family have the opportunity to learn about life through planning meals?

It’s quicker and easier to delegate the task of planning meals, as well as shopping for ingredients and then cooking meals, to just one person in the family. But it pays to share those tasks, even if only occasionally.

Like any new task, meal planning takes a while to master.  But the benefits of learning this life skill are enormous. Even little ones can learn and manage to plan meals, given encouragement and the right training.  They’ll learn about and practice

  • good nutrition (taking daily requirements into consideration)
  • balance (hamburgers may be great, but so is variety)
  • maths (counting ingredients, multiplying or halving recipes?
  • time management (do you have time to create that complicated dish between appointments?)
  • budgeting (if you want caviar every day you’ll have to give up something else to afford it)
  • writing (writing the plan, writing a list)
  • negotiation (who will cook when, and who’s turn is it to choose their favourite??
  • appreciation (for good food, for the others in the family who usually do this important task)

So why not give someone else in the family the chance to learn life skills and contribute?


the List

the List


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