You’ve decided to declutter – to make the tough calls over what to keep and what to let go of. The vase you don’t like, the baby outfit that was outgrown before it was worn, the couch that clashes with your new decor – they’re all going, but they’re too nice to put in the bin. The most effective way to stop the unwanted creep back into your domain, is to part with it while the decision is fresh. Sure, you could load up the car and try to squeeze it into a charity bin in the supermarket carpark…

Or you could make one phone call and have it taken off your hands.

One charity to call is the Epilepsy Foundation, who are happy to pick up a large variety of goods from your home as a donation to the Epilepsy Op Shops. These unwanted items – including furniture, manchester, bric-a-brac, electrical, clothing and most miscellaneous items – are sold in their Op Shops to help provide services to the thousands of people each year who contact the Foundation each year, seeking support and counselling around epilepsy. So if you have anything you’ve been meaning to get rid of that’s in saleable condition, please contact the Epilepsy Foundation on 9805 9111.


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