We’ve already discussed mistakes #1 to #5 in the 7 Common Mistakes of DIY Organising Projects.  #6 is

Stop before the project is done

I guess it’s a no-brainer that to get the most from your hard work, you should actually get to the end of the project.  That’s the best bit, when you can celebrate your achievement and reap the benefits of your efforts.  When you stop before the end, you lose momentum.  You also lost the benefits of the work done so far, and very likely slip back.  The work done tends to get muddled up with the stuff still to be done and before you know it, you’re back where you started.  And worse, you lose heart and motivation and things start to feel hopeless.

No one ever starts a job intending not to finish.  Sometimes life gets in the way.  Sometimes you get distracted.  Sometimes you lose direction.  Sometimes you come to a sticking point and don’t know how to proceed.  The answer is simple – get the help of a Professional Organiser.

A good Professional Organiser will know how to “bookmark” the work done so far for when life gets in the way and you have to hit the pause button.

A good Professional Organiser will keep you on track and prevent distraction.

A good Professional Organiser will provide good direction.

A good Professional Organiser will recognise a sticking point at one hundred paces and know how to avoid it and move on.

Do you get the message? 😉

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