#4 on the list of 7 Common Mistakes of DIY Organising Projects is

Have unrealistic expectations from the space

Does this affect you?  Do you get part way through, or even all the way to the end, of an organising project and find that your plans for the space just don’t work out?  Do you end up with still too much stuff to store, or not enough space to fit the furniture comfortably?

Perhaps you saw something great in a magazine and decided that was the solution for you?  Or was it in a store?

Maybe you imagined the scope of your project differently.  Do you end up wondering where it all went wrong?

You are not alone.  Many people find that the space they thought they had available to them is actually not enough.  Or that they could create nooks and crannies to stash extra stuff, and that didn’t work out.

If there is limited space, or too much stuff, one or both have gotta give.  There is no substitute for a good hard reality check.

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