The large shopping centres can make your crazy at this time of year.  Steer clear of them and save yourself time (who wants to circle the carpark and wait in queues?), money (all those “great bargains” calling you) and stress (noisy halls filled with loud music and other stressed-out families) and simply …

Shop locally.

The local grocer, butcher and baker will be grateful for your business, and you’ll no doubt get top quality produce and great personalised service.  How else could they survive against the large chains?  Do you have a local business you can recommend?

  1. Gene Farrell 13 years ago

    One thing I really don’y enjoy this time of year, is spending any amount of time walking through shopping malls. I’d much rather spend time visiting the Main Street shops and businesses. They seem to appreciate my patronage much more than the stressed out, grumpy, and condesending clerks at the mall.
    Happy Holidays

  2. Avatar photo Author
    creatingorderfromchaos 13 years ago

    Well said, Gene. Merry Christmas to you. 🙂

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