Ok, so there’s a labelling theme happening here. Today I’m looking at the various and numerous things you could be labelling to make your life easier.

  1. Pantry ingredients
  2. School supplies
  3. Lunchboxes and drink bottles (lids as well)
  4. Clothes
  5. Scrapbooking supplies (so they don’t walk away during scrapping events)
  6. Anything you lend out
  7. Stationery supplies
  8. Electric cords
  9. Stock cupboards and shelves
  10. Dishes and platters when you “bring a plate”
  11. Files and folders
  12. Filing drawers
  13. Containers
  14. Anything you could lose – spectacles case, camera, umbrella
  15. Pet food containers and bowls
  16. Collections
  17. Your lunch
  18. Photos & photo albums
  19. Children’s puzzle pieces. This is a nifty one – more tomorrow 😉
  20. Your labelmaker!

What else do you label?

  1. Leonie Schroder 14 years ago

    you forgot …. children, pets, husband 😉

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