Yesterday I wrote about my gorgeous new Dymo LabelManager 260P. Perhaps you’d like to know why I get so excited about labelling. So here are my 13 top reasons to label –

  1. It makes finding things so much easier
  2. It makes putting things away so much easier
  3. It makes delegating so much easier
  4. It makes tracking stock so much easier
  5. It makes restocking so much easier
  6. It makes cooking so much quicker
  7. It makes returning things so much easier
  8. It makes lost property a thing of the past
  9. It makes children responsible for their belongings
  10. It helps children learn to read
  11. It makes untangling cords so much easier
  12. It saves you money – no more buying duplicates
  13. It’s fun!

What’s your favourite reason for labelling?

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    Emma 14 years ago

    visually calming – my pantry has all the shelves labelled (except the one with the microwave on it, that would have been silly) and I love the way it looks

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