The countdown to Christmas has begun.  Little children everywhere have hung their advent calendars and will celebrate each day with a small gift.

This year, as my advent gifts to you, I will offer daily ideas for clutter-free gifts right up to Christmas.  I’ll call it Angela’s Advent.  It is my hope to reduce your stress as well as the clutter which can cause stress for others.  There are many gifts, ranging from the inexpensive to big budget, which can meet both these needs and make everyone’s a happy Christmas, and I’ll let you know about them.

My gift suggestion for Day 1 is one which could truly make a difference to this Christmas and every one after.

The Christmas Calm Manual is perfect for you or someone you know who feels stressed or overwhelmed by the upcoming festivities and all its demands.  The Christmas Calm Angels, Chris Owen and Káren Wallace, are on a mission to save frazzled women one Christmas at a time.  At only $20 it is the perfect way to kick of Angela’s Advent.

  1. Hiya Angela
    Thanks so much for making our Christmas Mission your first Advent gift.
    Karen and I are definitely on a mission to bring Calm to to frazzled women’s lives at this time of year.
    We know how difficult it can be even when you love Christmas time! So for those who just dread Christmas it’s really a nightmare.
    The book takes the reader from go to whoa on all the important bits with practicality and nurture being of primary importance!
    Look forward to seeing less frazzled women around.
    Christmas Hugs to all.

  2. Janet Barclay 14 years ago

    Lots of people are doing blog posts offering clutter-free gift suggestions; what a lovely idea to do a whole series! I have peeked ahead and see lots of things I’d be delighted to receive myself! (but not Day 9; I am much too practical to appreciate something like that… 🙂 )

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