It’s great to hear about people achieving success, so I was thrilled to receive this letter recently.

Hi Angela,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for encouraging us all to try this challenge.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m happy to say that just last week I reached my total of 2009, and am still counting.

I have listed all the items that I’ve de-cluttered as I’ve gone along, and it’s quite satisfying to read over the list and see what I’ve de-cluttered.

I shared a stall at a baby market two weeks ago with a friend, and managed to get rid of over 130 items and made a tidy profit at the same time, and this popped me over the 2009 mark.

It’ll be interesting to see the final total I reach before the end of the year.

Cheers, Deb

Congratulations, Deb.  You’re a star!

How’s your own challenge going?  I have been pottering along with mine, but am nowhere near reaching my goal yet.

I can tell you this week I have culled a LOT of business cards, old flyers, out of date paperwork.  A whole year of tax records was discarded as  it’s past the 5 years I need to keep those records.  (In Australia, it’s 5 years, not 7.  See the ATO for confirmation)  I’ve also said goodbye to some clothes as winter ended and I realised I hadn’t worn those items.

So my grand total now stands at 903.

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    Roz Howland 15 years ago

    Great to see you inspiring so many people Angela,

    I am known as a typical ‘minimalist’ – so people find it interesting when I say ‘I have to de-clutter’. Recently I did just that in my office – and although the actual volume of items was not what I’d call ‘alot’ – the new energy it created – both mentally and in terms of business opportunities coming my way – is brillant. This stuff never ceases to amaze me!!
    Keep inspiring people – Love your work

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    Melissa 15 years ago

    To clarify on the ATO requirements for Tax Records, it is 5 years from when you submit your tax return. So if you submit it late or in a different year, your 5 years counts from then. I personally keep all paperwork for 10 years, just as a precaution for audit purposes as well as insurance (I once had to claim for something that was more than 5 years old and they wanted proof of purchase).

    Also you can keep a scanned copy of your documents as a legal document so long as it is scanned as an image.

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