My Mother’s Garden is the very moving story of one daughter’s quest to help her mother overcome compulsive hoarding disorder and live a full life.


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  1. Joan 15 years ago

    I’ve received your email updates for some time now and usually click through to see the tips you have. My parents have filled a double story house, a 4 car garage, a carport and their backyard with “stuff”. So much so that it’s impossible to find the gems amongst the piles. They currently don’t live in their house because there is no room for them. Earlier this year when I found out I was pregnant, I instigated a fortnightly clean up at their house (2 hours from mine) but the last time I was there, the cleaned areas had simply been filled up again.
    I watched the first clip of this documentary and felt like I was looking in a mirror, i couldn’t bring myself to watch the rest.

    Thankyou for sharing your thoughts, your insights and your progress, it’s encouraging for thsoe of us who are at the point of giving up.

    • Avatar photo Author
      creatingorderfromchaos 15 years ago

      Thanks fo sharing your story, Joan. This is a complex issue but there is help available. I’d love to speak with you about the options some time.

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