Each month when I write my Calm Space article, there is a theme to work around.  Each of the Calm Space contributors arrives at the theme from a different perspective.  I look forward to the start of each month so I can read all the articles, to hear all those perspectives, to start thinking a little differently, to learn new things.

I love each and every issue of The Calm Space, I always feel uplifted by it.  But this month more than any other, I find myself going back and rereading articles, pondering over them, inhaling them.  This month’s theme is Power and Strength, and it couldn’t be more fitting.

I write about regaining your power as a parent.  But did you know you have the power to be happy?  Karen Wallace did.  Amy Palko writes about the power of a storm and taking a risk.  Helen Crozier writes about the power of technology.  And exactly what is the difference between sex and the garden tap?

Take it from me, there’s so much to take in this month, you’ll find it compelling and you’ll want to drop back often to read, reread and comment on these powerful articles.  Happy reading.


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