In the past I’ve written about how to say No.  It’s a great skill to practise.

But there are times when you don’t want to say No.  Maybe you want to say Maybe.  Maybes are ok.  They give you time to think, to weigh up a situation, before committing one way or another.  Perhaps a teenager is demanding an answer to “Can I go out Saturday night?”, or your boss is asking if you can take on another project, or a friend asks you for a weekend away but you have other plans.

So here are some ways to say it –

  • Give me all the details, so I can think it over
  • I’ll have to check my other commitments
  • Let me get back to you after I’ve checked my diary

It’s ok to say “Maybe”.  It’s ok to say “Give me more time to decide”.  It’s ok to ask for more information.  These days people expect fast answers.  You don’t have to provide them every time.

Have fun practising Maybe.  I’d love to hear how you say it in your part of the world.


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