I’m a fan of Twitter and also of Tweetdeck, which organises my groups and searches so neatly.  Having set up a search for the word “clutter”, I come across some funny/desperate/profound “tweets”, which I thought I’d share.

@elloh said: found a book on clutter under a mountainous pile of clutter. poetic.

@makeupbyildiko said: Notice am getting rid of junk unpacking from my move..yes I should have done this BEFORE moving it all, but still feels great to de-clutter!

@RConn said: Gmail has folders now… YIPEE! Perfect for the Inbox-clutter-free person like me.

@Melinda_Kiba said: creativity and clutter are 2 COMPLETELY different beasts!

@tryinhrd2 said: Get rid of useless and unhealthy things in your life that clutter your mind so that you can live a life that is alive and vibrant!

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Want to know more about Twitter?  My friend and colleague, Chris Owen from Pink Apple will be shedding some light on the subject at a breakfast meeting 7am, Tuesday July 14th in Doncaster East.  Drop me a line for more information.


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