istock_000002902328xsmallIn order to be fully in control of your time, it’s good to be prepared for saying “No”.  Have you ever been caught unawares by a request, wanted to say No but not had the heart?  Or perhaps you didn’t even have time to think through your commitment before Yes was presumed, when it should have been No.

Be prepared to say No and mean it.  At the very least, have a “let me think about it” statement ready.

Practice saying No.  Have 3 standard ready-to-go No answers on hand.  Give these a try –

  • It’s just not possible.
  • I don’t have time to do the job properly.
  • Not now, maybe another time.
  • I have another commitment.
  • I’m not taking on any new responsibilities.
  • No.

How do you say No?


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