Buying is, like, so 2008.  😉  Renting is the new buying.

Seriously, it makes sense not to buy anything you don’t absolutely need to own.  Why buy something you may only need twice a year, or for a short time.  You’ll save space and money, as well as the earth.

There are 2 businesses I want to tell you about which can help you get what you need and want, while saving space, money and our earth.

The first is Slim Ink.  Slim Ink Book Rental has latest release and best-seller books for rent.  They are delivered to your home and the membership fee includes the reply paid postage.  There are 5 different packages to choose from.  March 5th is World Book Day.

The second is Rentoid.  It’s the place to rent anything, kind of like eBay for renters not buyers or sellers.  If you have stuff you don’t need, you can rent it to someone who does.  How good is that?  You can clear your clutter as well as make money and help someone out.  If you need stuff, you can rent it instead of buying it.


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