I set out with the Creating Order 2009 Declutter Challenge! intending to inspire readers to  have a go at decluttering.  It turns out I’m the one receiving inspiration.  Daily I receive emails with lists of items decluttered and an ever-growing numbers tally.  But more as well.

I’m also hearing how great it feels to be making this change.  I hear the words Proud, Addictive, Inspired, Streamline, Excited, Permission, Delightful.  How would you describe the Challenge!?

And I hear about different approaches to stay on track with the task – doing it with a partner, recording results, making money on eBay, donating to charity.  Whatever makes you feel good is worth trying.  And here’s another suggestion… reward your efforts.  Maybe after you’ve decluttered the bathroom you could light some candles, run a bubble bath and soak for an hour with a magazine.  Then toss the magazine! 🙂

And here’s some more inspiration – declutterers are finding valuable stuff amongst the clutter, like cash and jewellery.  I have to tell you that’s quite typical.  When I work with clients I often hear cries of “so that’s where that is!” or “I thought I’d lost that!”

So how are my own efforts going?  Well, I’ve decluttered…

xmasdecos57-93: Christmas decorations, some broken, some tatty, some I just don’t like.  They’re headed for the bin and the charity shop.

94-98: 5 slightly worn Christmas stockings.  We treated ourselved to new ones.  I was undecided about someone would want to buy them in a charity shop, as they don’t look great, but I decided someone could add some new trim and freshen them up.

99: a hairdryer which just burnt out (lucky I had another in waiting).

100: a spoon rest – haven’t used it yet, never going to, but someone might.

101: 3 packets of vacuum cleaner bags for which we no longer own the vacuum cleaners.  (This is what happens when you inherit, you end up with duplicate appliances.  We had the space to keep them.  They came in handy when my daughter moved into her own place.  But being old the appliances don’t last long.)

102: a small box intended to hold notepaper, but not a standard size.  Not needed, out it goes.

Those are my efforts.  How are yours going?  Am I on target?  I do believe I am.  Woo hoo!

Many thanks to all those who’ve written or left comments.  Your enthusiasm really inspires.

  1. Lindy 15 years ago

    I am on 102 also, didn’t get any done this weekend like I thought I would, ended up working more, entertaining and playing with the kids but at this stage I have a very quiet week and ebay have half price insertion fees until midnight tonight! Started on my wardrobe the other day, plan on finishing it tomorrow, can’t wait to see what my tally will be then!

  2. Chris 15 years ago

    When I opened this article I instantly started to feel guilty because I haven’t attacked those areas I need to declutter the most ie the pantry and the bathroom and the drawers in my wardrobe.
    But thankfully as I read on and got to your decluttering report I realised I have decluttered quite a bit in the last week.
    Firstly while putting away the xmas decos, i threw out some of the tinsel we’d used for outside this year. It was faded and jaded, so that was 7 items.
    I also have been going though the pile of mags I’d bought to decide which ones I wanted to keep getting. I’d never got around to looking. So Two of those have gone just during my relaxing time.
    But most decluttering has happened here at my computer. I have unsubscribed myself from all but the bare essentials of newsletters and blog feeds. Of course yours didn’t get ditched Angela!! That would amount to 20 newsletters and about 20 blog feeds.
    So maybe I could be happy. I’m sure I’ll get to that pantry yet!

  3. Avatar photo Author
    creatingorderfromchaos 15 years ago

    @ Lindy, I can’t wait to hear either. It’s amazing what lurks unnoticed in the wardrobe.

    @ Chris, So glad you mentioned decluttering the computer. Reducing your newsletter and blog subscriptions will save much time.

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