Have you sent out all your Christmas cards yet?  Does it feel more like a chore every year?  Does it take longer every Christmas?  I may just have the answer for you… Send Out Cards.

I first heard about Send Out Cards after attending the birthday party of a friend.  Within a couple of days a thank you card arrived at home.  I was so impressed with the speed, and then I noticed the “Send Out Cards” logo on the back.  How could that be?  It was written in my friend’s own handwriting.

Well, it turns out Send Out Cards is fast, has lots of designs, is personal and can even use your own handwriting.  Email Imogen Lamport imogen@bespokeimage.com.au,  from Bespoke Image, to learn all about it.

  1. Imogen 15 years ago

    And what I also love about it is that you:

    Do everything from the comfort of your computer (no need to go to the post office or buy stamps.

    Can put your own photos or other artwork on the cards both as the card design and also inside. You can really personalise it.

  2. steve 15 years ago

    Send Out Cards is great! So easy, simple and cheaper than regular cards. Here is a cool site that makes it even easier for SOC users to get online anywhere. http://moremobileinternet.com/soc-laptop-productivity/

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