I try to save my clients money by deliberately not recommending a multitude of products.  Often “organising products” are a part of the clutter problem.  Occasionally, once the sorting and purging is done, we’ll buy in some specific products which fit the solution.

There is one thing I recommend to most clients, and that’s a shredder.  These days, information equals power.  You don’t want anyone else to have power over you by using your information.  So get a good shredder and use it regularly.  At first you may have a lot to shred.  Remember to use the machine in short bursts, only 5 minutes at a time, as shredders work hard and the motor can overheat.

Your shreddings will be welcome at pet stores, in a worm farm or the compost bin, or as mulch in your garden.  You can recycle it to make homemade paper.  Or just toss it into your recycling bin.


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