1. Limit trips to the supermarket, and always take a list. With a little forward planning you can get almost everything you need in a once-a-week shop. Follow this up towards the end of the week by shopping at the butcher and greengrocer for fresh ingredients. You’ll save money as well.
    Time Saved: at least 1 hour
  2. Wash permanent press shirts on a gentle cycle, then pop them on hangers to dry. If you use the dryer, get them out and hang before they have a chance to cool. No ironing required.
    Time Saved: 30 minutes
  3. Make lists. Movies you want to see, books to read, what to pack for a holiday or camping, gift ideas. You won’t forget what to pack, and the trip to the video store, library or shopping will be much quicker.
    Time Saved: 15 minutes
  4. Arrive at the office early, before the phones start ringing for some really productive, focused time.
    Time Saved: 15 minutes
  5. Buy easy maintenance clothes. Washing by hand, fiddly ironing and trips to the drycleaners waste time you could be spending on the things you really love.
    Time Saved: 15 minutes
  6. Make appointments with doctors, dentists, accountants etc. when they first open for the day. You’ll have the shortest wait then.
    Time Saved: 10 minutes
  7. Delegate. Take a little extra time now to teach someone how to do the job to your satisfaction. Then they can handle it forevermore.
    Time Saved: unlimited
  8. Keep a supply of greeting cards and all-purpose wrapping paper. You’ll never have to make a last-minute dash for them again.
    Time Saved: 15 minutes
  9. Record your favourite TV shows. Then view at your convenience, without the ads.
    Time Saved: 20 minutes
  10. Get the whole family involved in pack up time at the end of the day. Make a game of it by putting on a dance CD or your football team theme song. By the end of the song/CD, see how much you’ve achieved and congratulate yourselves. If there’s more to do, just play it again. It’s fun!
    Time Saved: 10 minutes

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