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Nathalie Ricaud

Nathalie Ricaud

Get Organised & Beyond



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Nathalie is a professional organiser and the founder of Get Organised & Beyond.  She works with individuals who feel overwhelmed by all the stuff they’ve accumulated in their homes or workspaces or by all the activities they’re trying to fit into their schedules.  She helps them declutter and set up systems so they can create and maintain a clutter-free and organised space, and make time for the important things in their life.

Nathalie has been passionate about organising and helping others be organised since her childhood.  Around age 11, she started helping her mum sort things out in their home and never really stopped since then, organising her relatives, friends and neighbours’ homes.

After a Supply Chain Management, she’s spent over 20 years in the logistics industry, optimising warehouses space, revamping processes, setting up systems and increasing efficiency.

Since 2013, she’s been putting her passion, skills, professional and personal experience together to help individuals declutter and get organised so that they can restore order and serenity into their home and life.

What drives Nathalie  is seeing the transformation that happens in families and in individuals, not just with their physical space, but most importantly at an emotional and mental level, when simple yet effective systems and solutions are put into place to get organised and take control of their daily schedule.

What’s important to Nathalie is to be a catalyst in her clients’ lives and equip them with tools, skills, motivation and confidence so that they can take their organising journey as far as they’d like – even after their work together is done. Besides the hands-on organising work and online coaching, she also publishes a blog and is a regular speaker at events and workshops.

Nathalie Ricaud is originally from France but has been living in Singapore since 1998.

Services Provided

Downsizing, Hands-on Decluttering & Organising, Home Office, Kitchen, Relocations, Residential, Students, Time Management & Productivity, Training & Workshops, Virtual Organising, Wardrobe, Digital Organising

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