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Leesa Kotis, The clutter Bug

Leesa Kotis

The Clutter Bug

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My journey in becoming a Professional Organiser started when I was about 9 years old.  As a child I would organise areas of my room on weekends. Nothing was left untouched. My drawers, study desk, my wardrobe and even cupboards located above my wardrobe.  This was a dangerous exercise for a nine or ten-year-old.  I would stand on an old chair and add a copy of an old White Pages phone book to add that extra bit of height.  I made it through my childhood unscathed, but extremely organised.  I didn’t understand it then but being organised gave me a sense of calm.

Fast forward, helping individuals and families to become organised has been my passion for many years now.  It gives me immense joy to see people achieve their goals, some of whom begin their journey with a lot of apprehension and anxiety.

Life happens, sometimes throwing us off our path.  The Clutter Bug helps through our Initial Consultations, In-Home (hands on) and Virtual Consultations to get you back on track. We work on establishing functional and realistic organising and storage solutions.

Established in 2006, The Clutter Bug has been providing services to dispel the myth of clutter and organisation and prove that people can restore order in their homes and lives.

My organisational skills are derived from an employment background which includes many years working with multi-national advertising agencies, for two charities, Child Flight and Parramatta Mission and within a NSW child protection service, all in senior administrative positions. Each of these positions required me to ensure either one individual or a group of staff needed to be well organised and running smoothly. Facing, and overcoming day-to-day challenges presented by running teams, large and small, became opportunities for me to hone my own planning and organisational skills and to subsequently build a business around them.





Services Provided

Children, Downsizing, Estate Clearance, Garage & Shed, Hands-on Decluttering & Organising, Home Office, Kitchen, Offsite Storage, Residential, Senior Move Management, Virtual Organising, Wardrobe

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