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Kathryn Hammond, Action Organising

Kathryn Hammond

Action Organising

Western Sydney


0402 219 272


Hi, my name is Kathryn, and I am from Western Sydney, NSW. I have been an organiser all my life, finally took the step to turn my passion into a business. Action Organising {organising with heart] was born from this passion.

My why …

I believe having an organised and uncluttered space helps keep your mind clear and gives you more time for the important things in life. I also understand how important possessions become to people and how that they can become part of who you are and that it can be hard to let go …. hence my tag line of ‘Organising with Heart’. My goal is to work with clients to support them through the hard bits of letting go. My community development and counselling background will support this aim.

What I can do ….

I can work with you to declutter your home
I can help you create organising systems that make it easy for you to manage

I can help you when it is time to downsize your home
I can help when you are moving and need help to pack and/or unpack

I can offer you a flexible service that meets your needs

Help for busy families

Are you a busy family who are  just trying to stay on top of things while juggling your busy lifestyle. Action Organising has a number of options available to assist in getting systems in place, undertaking a one-off declutter or regular support.

Downsizing Specialist

Are you moving to a smaller home or retirement village. Action Organising can help you de-clutter and downsize, while understanding the ‘heart’ of your possessions. Action Organising will work with you to keep your important. memories while being prepared for living in your new home.

Packing/unpacking service

Are you busy at work, yet moving day is getting closer and closer. Take part of the stress involved with your move by booking Action Organising to take care of this for you. We can pack up for you or unpack at the new destination or both.


If you are keen to make a change in your life, contact me on 0402 219 272 or email me at to discuss your needs and see how I can help you reach your oganising goals.

Kathryn Hammond, Action Organising

Services Provided

Estate Clearance, Garage & Shed, Hands-on Decluttering & Organising, Hoarding, Home Office, Kitchen, Organising Coach, Photo Organising, Relocations, Senior Move Management, Wardrobe

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