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Christie Flora, florandorder

Christie Flora


Melbourne and online


0450 399 664


Productivity and Time Management Trainer – helping multi-passionate, ambitious people feel calmer, clearer and more inspired to take their next steps.

If you feel frustrated with yourself and like you’re constantly wasting time or don’t know how to get on top of all the things, I can help!

I empower and grant you permission to reclaim your time and devote it to the things that bring you joy. I can assist you in conquering your to-do list, excelling in life, and savoring each day without the constant pressure of playing catch-up or trying to extract more from your time.

If this resonates with you, I can help you design the life that you want to live and:

⏰ Find practical tools to simplify your day

⏰ Learn easy habits to master your to-do list

⏰ Find the space to do the things you love

Let’s ditch struggle town and instead find more space, success and enjoyment in your every day.

Ways to work with me:

⏰ Sign up via the website for my complimentary email newsletter and receive a weekly dose of wisdom to supercharge your to-do list mastery, life excellence, and daily bliss.

⏰ Also on the website, check out the free resources on offer to help you audit your life, reduce overwhelm and plan out your goals.

⏰ Level up your life with my twelve-session 1:1 Holistic Time Mastery program, where we delve deep into your life, goals, passions, and pain points to craft personalised time management solutions that work like a charm.

Services Provided

Business, Home Office, Organising Coach, Students, Time Management & Productivity, Training & Workshops, Digital Organising

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